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Very sad message about Janet


Dear friends,

I have a deeply sad message to deliver.

Janet has been found dead after a period of 5 weeks in which she was missing.

She died of suicide by taking an overdose of medicines on November 16th 2023.

Janet has had a life time of struggling against severe depressions and death wishes. A few times a year she would experience a deep emotional episode. This last time was one too much…

She was in the process of dealing with her youth issues which she wrote about in her blogs, and it seemed like a never ending story to her.

She tried everything.

She tried to save others, me included.

She tried to save the world with creating Fall of the Cabal.

But she couldn’t save herself.

Underneath her smiles and silly jokes, she deeply hated life.

For me, she meant the world.

We were so aligned, so in tune.

We only needed a glance to completely understand each other.

We shared the same humour, the same silly jokes.

We shared the same determination to find the truth and spread it to the world.

Janet already made name as a crop circle researcher and author.

She really reached the masses with her original 10 part series The Fall of the Cabal.

It was an honour for me to work with her, to share her professionalism, her passion. When we worked together, we worked as one.

We had the same ideas about the script, the same ideas about the research.

We started with a script of 17 parts for the Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal in 2020.

We ended up with 28 parts…

and are only halfway the original script.

There is still so much to say, so much more to expose.

But it will never be the same, when ‘the voice’ behind the series falls away.

I will not finish The Sequel alone.

I will leave it as it is today, with an open end.

One day I might release the rest of the script to the world.

But it will be in a different form.

The Sequel was our co-production and it will never be the same without Janet.

This doesn’t mean Fall Cabal will end here.

I will continue to fight for the children, make presentations, produce DVD’s and books and fill our Telegram channel with the most important daily truths you don’t hear in the news.

Janet, we lived together for 5 ½ years, 24/7

We were soulmates, best friends and best co-workers ever. You were the 2nd mother for my children and the light in our lives.

I will miss you more than anything.

I will end this sad message with Janet’s own words:

With love, as always, Cyntha

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