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Thank you Judith de Repentigny from Canada for making our Fall Cabal LOGO!

We are so grateful and delighted! Please do not hesitate to visit her beautiful work at


What does our logo mean? Well... that's quite simple actually.

As this war is a battle between Good and Evil, we wanted to work with the sharp contrasting colors of black and white.

Left: FALL ... white letter in a black setting

Right: CABAL ... black letters in a white setting

We are convinced that the (white) Light will prevail. It symbolizes Exposure. It will burn away the darkness (the Cabal).

The Fall is written in white letters, representing its power and inevitability.

The diagonal line represents the cutting edge, the sharpness with which the Cabal will be brought to their knees.


Hello, beautiful friends all across the world! Welcome to our brand new website/shop!

This blog page is where you can find our latest updates and messages. This is number 1!

As you know, we have been under fire (noooo, not literally!) for exposing the Cabal. The Dutch Rabobank no longer wishes to do business with us, unless we stop selling the Star of David “No Masks, No Vaccines” stickers and t-shirts. They also don’t allow us to receive donations for our work anymore. Which is utterly ridiculous, as even the tax authorities have given us their consent.

Those of you who know us, will understand our choice to never collaborate with the enemy. Therefore, we have informed the Rabobank of our feelings of disappointment and disgust, plus our decision to end our business relationship. We have now opened a bank account in Lithuania, called Revolut (what’s in a name huh?). After some good talks, they have given us their pledge never to interfere with the contents of our work, and to never censor us.

Furthermore, PayPal banned us that same week. All of these ‘setbacks’ are blessings in disguise. It gave us the nudge we needed to end working with all Cabal puppet tools: YouTube, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Patreon, and now PayPal plus our Dutch banking system. We are currently switching to open source alternatives for Zoom and our editing program Movavi. The only question mark left is Telegram (but so far so good)…

This transfer has gone quietly and effortlessly, for which we are most grateful! Some day soon, we will be able to give you all this info for free, so you too can leave the Cabal institutions behind.
A question we get asked an awful lot is: “What can I do to help?” Well, what you can do in this particular occasion is write a mail / letter to the Rabobank in which you express your feelings about how they are censuring us. You see, I spent at least an hour on the phone with my contact person to explain him why we have made the Star of David stickers and t-shirts. When I asked him: “Have you read what it actually says?”, the answer was “No”. So I explained everything. He sounded interested, even intrigued… but the decision makers behind/above him ignored my every word.

So: let them know how you feel. Remain polite, do not threaten them. If you have a Rabobank account, why not open a Revolut-account as well and end your Rabo-account? It’s safe, its legal. If everybody would do that (and we have millions of viewers), what do you think will happen to the value of their shares? We are the 99%, do you have any idea how powerful we are? If we would ALL close down our Facebook and Twitter accounts today (and rise above the ego who screams: “But you have so many followers!” “So many likes!” “They are your social network!”), the value of Facebook and Twitter shares would plummet. That’s how powerful we are. We can destroy them in the blink of an eye… if only we would rise and act.

So… long story short: if you would like to do something in this particular case, send mails to the Rabobank and to PayPal.

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