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Janet's passing


Dear friends,

Thank you so much for all your loving and caring messages. They are a blessing and help healing our hearts. I will try to answer each and every one of you, but it might take some time. For you I will continue the fight we started together. For you I will get up one morning and will start posting on our channel again. For you we went through all this darkness in the world, to give you the truth. You are ready for a new world, you will build a better one for the generations to come.

The world right now is mad. We knew that for long. But it shows much more easy now. There is a relatively small group of people that just can’t accept that Janet is dead and that she chose to do it herself. They can’t accept that she was just a human being as we all are, with her own troubles of heart and mind. “I saw her at the latest presentation, and she didn’t look depressed at all…

I feel sorry for this group that do everything to keep her alive. But I have to burst your bubble.

- No, Janet is not beamed up by a UFO. (She would have loved that!)

- No, Janet is not secured by Q. (She would have loved that!)

- No, Janet is not killed by the Cabal or anyone else.

- No, Janet is not in a Witness Protection Programme. (She would have hated that!)

- No, Janet is not enjoying her pension, while I tell the world she died. (She didn’t need that!)

- And no, Janet is not killed by me. (What are you thinking, my God!!)

And finally we have a group of … I don’t know how to classify them. They call themselves truth-seekers, but all they do is confuse people, create chaos and division, and seek sensational stories. If they can’t find any, they just create them. The best way to ‘feed’ their followers is to create suspicion and mistrust. And so they searched the internet and ‘analysed’ my announcement of Janet’s death.

They think it’s suspicious that I didn’t fill in all details, that I used a script (try make an announcement like that yourself, after 5 devastating weeks of living between hope and despair... ), and that I didn’t show proof of her death...

What I tried to do in my recorded announcement is giving you the information you needed to know: What happened, when, why and how do we go on. All the other details I shared with the family, as they are entitled to know what truly happened. Not you, sorry to burst that bubble.

Let me be very clear about one point: Janet and I gave our work for free for everyone to see. But we did NOT give our lives to you. And I mean by that: our private lives. I will NOT share any juicy details you can use for your nosy satisfaction. If you miss the fundamental human traits of respect and empathy, I don’t want you in my live and I will certainly not answer your pushy demanding questions.

I will give answer to one question to satisfy your curiosity and for the ‘normal empathetic’ people to know what I have to deal with. How do I know Janet died on the 16th of November?

It’s very simple: She took off in the camper van on the 16th, parked at a private domain (that is the reason neither I nor others could find her) and took her pills. The next day the owner of the domain called the police to get the van removed. The police didn’t come (!). Two weeks later, the land owner calls again. Again the police didn’t come, despite a notification in their system about the missing of Janet and the numberplate of the car. Only after 5 weeks, when the family filed an official missing report AND the owner called again on the 22nd of December, the police connected the dots and came. They smashed the window and there she was. Laying dead for 5 weeks at a private property.

That’s it. That’s what I have to deal with. She could have been found the day after...

So now you know. And I ask you for a bit of human kindness, a bit of empathy. Just leave us alone to be able to mourn and process this loss. Let me ask you something: when you were in my shoes, how would you have wanted to be treated? After all that happened, how would you want your fellow humans to respond? Please treat me how you would want to be treated when you suffer a great loss like this.

With love, as always, Cyntha

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