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TRUTH can be shocking, devastating even. But is it wise to ignore painful facts, just to secure your good night’s sleep? The evil things that are happening to children worldwide are among the worst to take in. Why would I bother you with that? Because it is very important to be informed, to understand what is happening and why it is happening. You have to know this for yourself and for those around you. Because when the truth comes out mainstream (and it will!), you won’t be too traumatized and you’ll be able to support those who are traumatized.

It is my intention to inform you, not to shock you. The story you are about to read will be slowly build up, from educational indoctrination all the way to child trafficking and abuse.

I will not show you the horrific pictures that I saw during my research. It is more important you know the hidden agenda behind it all. This will help you see through the lies and corruption.

This is a first part in a series about the children. This part is about sexualization of children, the laws and agenda behind it and the Transgender Agenda. It shows you how our children are being brainwashed, not only at schools but throughout society as a whole. And it will show you how the LGBTQIA+ community is created to destroy society from within. It will also give you the information necessary to understand why so many people and especially children are transgender right now.

Enjoy, be informed and save the children!

Follow this link to go directly to the E-book: https://www.fallcabal.com/product/e-book-indoctrination-of-children-and-the-transgender-agenda/

With love and compassion,

Cyntha Koeter, August 2023

On this page you will find the free translations of my book. I would like to thank you from my heart for your heart-warming comments. I placed (parts of) them on this page, in English & Dutch. I hope the comments will encourage you to read the book as well and share it wide and far.

With love as always, Cyntha


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