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What is going on in the world with all those fires, wiping away entire towns? How come some buildings remained untouched? Why did it take so long before help arrived? Why is the media selectively quiet? Why were escape roads blocked by the authorities? Why were people stopped and sent back towards the fires where they perished? Why are the hit areas shielded off and why is aid denied? When you look at the images (videos and photos) and when you listen to survivors' accounts, you are left with many questions.

We looked at all those pictures and videos for countless hours, we talked with specialists. We compared the fires in different countries. Maui, British Colombia, California, Turkey, Greece: what do they have in common? We studied the bigger pictures and come to some new and shocking conclusions!

What do electric cars, SMART meters, and SMART cities have to do with these fires? And what about the Directed Energy Weapons that everybody is going on about? What about laser and the colour blue? And why is the attached picture a vital clue in all of the above, Sherlock? 😎

Our discoveries will take you way beyond everything you have heard so far. As always, we base them on hard evidence. No speculations, just facts. So.... Don't miss it! The world must know what the bleep is going on here...

So... don't miss it! By buying a ticket, you support our work. Please get a ticket for everyone who's watching with you. This way we can continue sharing our work with the world for free.








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