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The world is NOT a safe place for children. We’re not talking about child labour in far-away countries, we’re talking about sexual abuse in each and every western, so-called ‘civilized’ country. In your country and our country. The Netherlands are a good example, as it is a snake pit when it comes to sexual child abuse, the topic of this presentation.

Can/will this ever change? Sure! But only if we, the people, are willing to be informed! That’s why this presentation will be given. We will NOT show you horrid pictures. As always, we want to inform you, not shock you. So don’t worry and please do read on...

We will take you by the hand through every layer of society, opening cover-ups that you’ve probably never even heard of. Cover-ups that involved tens of thousands of children in the Netherlands alone.

People either close their eyes or – at best – fight against Goliath. As those fighters are often singletons, their desperate voices are not heard. It’s time to stand up as ONE and make this world a safe place for children!

How? By getting informed, first of all. Where does it go wrong? What is the magnitude of sexual child abuse in the world, and to what degree are our children in danger? One must see the bigger picture before one can do something about it.

Cyntha made it her mission in life to go right through all the horrors. She is making a series of presentations and books about child abuse in all its many facets. Part one, “The Indoctrination of Children and the Transgender Agenda” is already available in our webshop www.fallcabal.com/shop







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