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E-BOOK: MY SECOND JOURNEY WITHIN, a journey of memories through Satanic Ritual Abuse

The craziness in the world is far from over. Every moment we can expect a new epidemic, cyber attacks, environmental crisis or other world-wide disasters, which are going to ensure that we get closer again to the desired Social Communist World dictatorship.

A digital passport, more digital censorship, new lockdowns, a Co2 spending limit. It is all not far away any more.

The earth is not being destroyed by us, the people. It is being destroyed by a very corrupt elite, totally focused on their own gain and pleasure. That has to stop!

Can we still stop it? Are we in time to secure our freedom and the freedom of our children?

The children. It is always the children who suffer the most from the bad behaviour of the 'adults'. How many children suffer unnecessary hunger in the world? How many children have to work for a pittance? How many children spend their youth in slave labour?

But also: How many children grow up with paedophiles? Are used as sex slaves for satanic pleasure? Are tortured, brainwashed and emotionally destroyed?

When will this centuries-long torture of children end? When can children finally be children and grow up to be actual adults?

I have declared my intention to let this year be the start to expose all that happens to children in the world. To expose the evil that is done to children. So that no one can avoid addressing the evil any more. Then we can actually start working toward a better world. A safe world for children and with that a bright future for the earth.

And where better to start than with myself? My story, my memories of Satanic Ritual Abuse in my childhood.


With many thanks to Leonie van den Berg and Chaz Thompson for translating and editing!









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