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Shungite Protective Slice 15x25 mm Tree of Life

Protective slices with a adhesive layer on one side. Perfect to paste on your smartphone, laptop or computer to absorb radiation. The slice is 15 by 25 mm (0.6x1 inch)

Don't forget to clean it in running water on a regular basis.

For more information about Shungite, click on 'Product Information' below.

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100% Authentic Shungite from Karelia, Russia

There are two kinds of Shungite:
-Normal (black), containing max. 70% Carbon
-Elite (black with silvery shine), containing 98% Carbon

Shungite is a very special stone. It absorbs radiation and is an enormously powerful water purifier.
This has been scientifically proven.
Shungite can absorb radiation because of its unique structure: carbon and quartz, containing Fullerene (also known as C60). The radiation is absorbed and destroyed within the stone.
Although Main-Stream-Media will completely deny the radiation blocking effects of Shungite, there is more than enough evidence. For example, there are several patents of inventions that use Shungite to block radiation. Shungite has been scientifically proven to reduce the harmful effects of radiation, and Russian studies have shown that it completely absorbs and thus blocks harmful microwave radiation.
You can easily test this yourself by purchasing a radiation meter and measuring how (especially elite) Shungite blocks radiation from microwaves, electrical outlets, lamps, your router and much, much more. There are also many youtube videos showing these kind of tests.

But Shungite does so much more than absorbing radiation!
It is also a very powerful water purifier. According to research, it removes 95% of all contaminants from the water it's placed in (leave the Shungite in the water for 24+ hours for optimal results). It is also a powerful antioxidant, disinfecting water of harmful bacteria and removing free radicals 30x more efficiently than activated carbon!
Also, Shungite water (water in which shungite has been placed for 24+ hours) helps to heal the body, and removes the ill effects of radiation. For example, research has been done with cancer patients. During chemotherapy, half the group was given Shungite water to drink. After the chemotherapy, their blood levels were back to normal after only two weeks. The blood levels of the group that had not been given Shungite water only returned to normal after 3-4 months.

Carry a piece of Shungite with you wherever you go, to protect you from all the radiation in modern-day society. You cal also place Shungite in strategic places in your home, for example on your router, next to your bed or in the windows. You can also stick some Shungite on your computer or phone for optimal radiation absorbtion.


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